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"Salvation is found in no one else...." Act 4:12 (NIV)

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Introducing the grace that saved me


If there is anything I can talk about with confidence it is the grace of God that saved me. I was born and raised up in a christian family but never had the chance to experience the Christian life untill at the age of 25 years old. My teens passed without any fear of God or knowledge of His Love. A sad story to tell living out my teens without God's guidiance and you my begin to imagine how it was like. Full of ungodliness and the worse come when I passed my teen years. I became a master of my own life and desteny and asumed that I know what is best for me.

From one reckless lifestyle to another. From alcohol, smoking and night partitesI wallow in sin without any feeling of guilt and actually it was the order of the day untill this Jesus came in to my life.

I have a friend and we have a lot in common. No word can tell our friendship we were just more than brothers we studied together in Intermediate and secondary school. we learn all short of things together. We are the spearhead in starting up a fight at parties, and other faulty play.

Christmas 25 December 1993 was a day we shall never forget in our lives. After drinking our mind off one of our friends began to talk about Jesus and how He came to save the sinners and how the sinners killed Him.  He concluded by saying that Those sinners who killed Jesus are better than us because all the people are in the Church on Christmas day while we were just driking and smoking in our room. Immagine if Jesus come right now and took the people who love Him as the preachers says that it will happen one day; we will defenetely be the first candidate for hell. And he began to cry. Then everybody began to cry while we were listening to Phil Collins Music (Another day in paradise).

Martin My friend lost control of his mind and strated to fight anybody on his way saying that since he is going to hell, he better go straight away than live. We manage to put him to bed after a long struggle. That afternoon a preacher came to their home and told him that there is still another  chance for him to go to Heaven and only if he can ask Jesus to come into his life and change it he will be forgiven. Martin did prayed for forgiveness and became a very different person after that.

He stop doing all the things that we used to do together.He carries his  Bible all the time like a high priest. People in the neighbourhood gave him all the names they can find from a local Bishp to His Holiness Martin, because he will not stop talking about Jesus and His love.

Then came my own time of Salvation. It was at a film show and the caractor was so bad. It reach a point where I began to picture myself to be that bad person and I began to hate the way I live. I know that my friend is now a good man and from time to time he come to me and I feel so bad about my inability to change or rather quit the things I was doing. After that film early in the morning I went to see my friend Martin and he told me that Jesus  talked to me through that film because no one can come to his sences and repent without God's help. He asked me to open my heart and ask Jesus to come into my life. I prayed the first prayers with meaning in my life and closed my eyes in prayers for the first time asking Jesus for the first time to help me become a good person again after I knew  I have  messed up my life and  I said Amen at the End

After that first meaningful prayer,  a new chapter in my life began with God's guidiance. We study the bible together everyday and more of our old friends came to Christ and we started a fellowship in our room. We became members of the Presbyterian Church in Juba where that first evengelist pray and he was like a father to us. He will come to our fellowship and help with the new friends who come to Christ.      

This is the grace that saved me....



Open declaration of faith in Christ

Luke 12:8-10

Amplified Bible (AMP)

8And I tell you, Whoever declares openly [speaking out freely] and confesses that he is My worshiper and acknowledges Me before men, the Son of Man also will declare and confess and acknowledge him before the angels of God.

    9But he who disowns and denies and rejects and refuses to acknowledge Me before men will be disowned and denied and rejected and refused acknowledgement in the presence of the angels of God.

Have you ever responded to an alter call in your life ? It is one of the thing that  bothered me a lot after my conversion. I knew that the day I came running to my friend Martin to seek the God that have changed him was my day of salvation and that prayer we prayed together was enough to save me, but every time a paster give an alter call I feel oblige to respond. And this feeling make me think inwardly that if I stood up and walked to the alter people in the church will look at me and say in ther hearts " look the worst sinner is now confesting...."  although I was not going to confess any sin...I only needed Christ more and more and I was a new believer then. The feeling of not haveing enough of God's presence in me keep coming up again and again in my heart untill one Sunday, on the opening ceremony of one of our local Church the pastor made an alter call and I did remain behind and he laied his hands on me and prayed for me. There was no dramatic sign or speaking in tongues at the moment but later I realised how important that step was in my ministry.

I believe that every Christian need to openly acknowledge Christ before man and that is why I keep on making alter calls whenever I feel the Lord want me to. I had a new ability and supernatural feeling of having had what I needed most on the day I responded to alter call. A feeling of being full of God; my yearning for more everyday as I go on my knees to pray was kindle and I feel like I am on Spiritual high ground for I can pray for over 4 hours without knowing how long I have taken on my knees. A special ability was passed on to me by the Lord. Because after the day I responded to alter call I began to serve him in a very dramatic way. Words can not discribe my experience after that and I need to hold some of them back less pride and self get on the way of His acts of mercies done through my ministry

So my friends there are things most Christains overlook. Coming forward to the alter to receive more grace to serve Him is always ignored by many......

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