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"Salvation is found in no one else...." Act 4:12 (NIV)

Trip to Byale - Uganda


God gave me grace to see my parents again after 21 years of painful separation. I left my smalll village in the remote part of Easten Equatoria in southern Sudan in 1984 when the South- North war started and move to the main town of Torit. With the fall of Torit Garison to the SPLA I ran to Juba and in seach of education I move to Khartoum city where I am living currently.

By God's grace I found a job with United Mission In Sudan and begin to earn a living last year. And in february 2007 I went to see my parents in the refugee settlement in Uganda - a journey of my life.

June the 13th, 2007 I brought my frail Mom to Khartoum to live with me. I am planing to bring Dad soon. If there is anything I want to do, it is to give my parent the care they need in their old age.

Unfortunately my Dad passed away on the 28-Aug-07 in the camp We made a painful journey together with my mon to Uganda again in the middle of a raining season and Ispent one week with my brothers and sisters in the camp. meeting all the relatives who have come for the funeral. Mom came back to khartoum to stay with me after one month.


Here are some of the picture of the trip.

Sitting with my uncle at the funeral night fire.

We took a omment of silence at my dad tomb

The last funerla rite prayer