Jesus Saves

Jesus Christ will set you Free....

"Salvation is found in no one else...." Act 4:12 (NIV)

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If there is some one who cares, we do...

Through out the history many people are heavily laden with load of cares. They are looking for someone who cares. Others have gone ahead and multiplied their sorrows by choosing the wrong way. We are here to tell you that Only Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life...

Our prayer

Lord Jesus, we have been looking for any means to share our heart with many. We pray that you will direct those whom you have chosen for your great salvation to visit this site and through your grace help them to know our only Saviour Jesus Christ and personal Lord and Saviour. We believe that you are able to save and heal the broken hearted. We trust in you soly for the transformation of life and peace of heart. Do it Lord for the sake of our Lord Jesus christ. You know the heart of man and their miseries. answer their prayer Lord as they turn to you in simple act of faith. As days goes by it has become more clearer that many in our land did not really know you dearly Lord. It has been your pleasrue to show me the light and I do believe that no one can show them the light except you. I depend on you in my ministry to the lost. If you be not with me, whatever I do will be in vain. That is why my eyes are fixed on you my redeemer and my savior. In the mighty name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ I pray - Amen

Heart For God

The heart is very deceitful and is beyond cure says the Bible. our heart alone can never lead us nearer to God. I have come to understand that the heart is the seat of all evil and the devil has taken the opportunity of the weakness of our heart and transform it into his stronghold

How can we have a heart for God. It is a tact of war because we have to dethrone the devil from his fortress and then claim it for God. And the fact is No one can ever defeat the devil in his capacity as a human being. we need divine intervention. Have you ever struggle with a certain habit in vain?, are you in so discouraged that you wish you were not born? Are you contemplating divorce, suicide, or something worse that these? And are you sure the is no way out except the course of action you are contemplating? Too many questions may be asked which show how weak the heart and the will of man is.

My prayer is that God will let you know how weak you are no matter you physical, psychological,or event temperament traits. none of our human strength can overcome the devil. We need Jesus Christ the only Son of God to help us. And so I pray for my friends who visit this site. O Lord Jesus do interfere in their life, You know their need even their aspirations. Please help them in their weakness and let them come to know the power of your salvation. And above all I pray that they will give their hearts to You the only healer. YOu will heal their hearts and transform their lives for your glory. You will dethrone the devil and conquer all their heart for you Jesus. You are will to help in time of needs and I pray that all needs will be met in Jesus Name.